Sarba Shrestha Seeds(SS Seeds) produces OP Vegetable Seed varieties (Cucumber, Faba Beans, Broad Beans, Mustard Greens, Yardlong beans, Radish, etc) through community based seed production model. Sarba Shrestha Seeds is working with the aim to develop improved varieties (OP and hybrids) in vegetables in Nepal itself.

About SS Seeds

SS Seeds

Nepal is rich in so many Neglected and Unutilised Species (NUS). We have local varieties superior to imported ones but their resilience has gone due to improper germplasm management. So there is an urge in Nepalese agriculture system to minimised the aforementioned risks, and to create an environment where Nepal could be the seed exporter rather than importer.

In the same context, Sarba Shrestha Seeds Pvt. Ltd., established in 2015, an emerging seed company, is working its part to make a healthy seed business with its motto ‘Seeds for Nepal, Seeds from Nepal’. This company could be distinguished from other seed companies in Nepal in a way that it is run by enthusiatic youth of the related fields. Despite the economic hinderance, it is aimed to devote equal time and effort in R & D of agriculture sector, especially in vegetable crops; exploiting local germplasm and implementing technology transfer it is working hard to develop its own hybrid varieties that could foster the economic status of Nepalese farmers and of the nation as a whole. As it is of no doubt, the hybrids developed in our own agro-climatic zones would be much adaptive with better vigour, their seeds would be much cheaper and always available when compared to the imported varieties. Sarba Shrestha Seeds is working based on a value chain model to make sure every stakeholder in the chain gets benefited.

Besides this, SS Seeds is currently working on the commercial seed production of tomato hybrid variety, Srijana, under the suoervision of NARC and SQCC. Also, it has begun community based seed production of local OP varieties like cucumber, beans, mustard greens, etc.

Sarba Shrestha Seeds will stand out among all in Nepal by providing quality seeds to every farmer.

Activities and Services

Seed Production

Commercial Vegetable Seed Production (Hybrid Tomatoes, Hybrid Cucumber, Beans, Mustard Greens, Radish, etc including all local vegetable seeds)

Breeding Research

Research on Plant Breeding and Quality Seed Production Breeding Research on making diverse lines of Tomatoes, Cucumber and different Brassica varieties.


Training farmers for community based Vegetable Seed production in different climatic zones of Nepal. Training farmers in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in fresh vegetable production.


Provision of internship, Work experience program (WEP) for students of agriculture at our production and research station.

Our Varieties

Our Morals


Our Team

Prabesh Shrestha

Founder, Managing Director

M.Sc. Agri Biotechnology, Executive MBA

Sabina Manandhar

Senior Plant Breeder & Production Head

M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology from Punjab Agricultural University, India

Smita Shrestha

Founder, Advisor

M.Sc. Crop Biotechnology from University of Nottingham UK, Malasysia Campus, Undergoing Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA

Contact Us

Contact Info

Telephone +977-9801080136
Mail ssseeds@outlook.com
Location Contact office: Madhyapur Thimi Municipality, Ward 8
Bhaktapur District, Province 3, Nepal.

Site office: Godawari Municipality, Ward 2, Lalitpur District, Province 3, Nepal.